Grow Music

Our school of music offers many different programmes. If there is a programme you want to learn more about, please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss all the details.
You can send us an email using the contact form below -or- we would be happy to talk to you over the phone. Just call 085 749 3112. You can also find us on Facebook.

After years of teaching music within the current government funded model, our team was ready to create their own school of music. Our team realised that quality music lessons start with quality musicians. We found the use of innovative technology can eliminate the admin headaches that make it difficult for parents to schedule and maintain their child’s musical education. Our team’s approach to teaching groups in primary schools blends the music reading skills of classical music lessons with the learn-by-ear skills of Irish trad. This approach creates a more flexible young musician. Frequent performances and the encouragement of musical composition grow a child’s talents quickly. Children are eager to practice and attend lessons when they have real goals to achieve.