Culture Connect

548053_446582705384318_125755213_nCulture Connect is an intercultural non-profit organisation based in Drogheda. They are a platform for cultural diversity, friendship networks and information exchange. They promote interculturalism, community cohesion, racial equality in the education and workplace. They improve the participation of new communities and ethnic minority groups in the community by ensuring that they have access to training, information, advice and support. They provide information and training for individals and service providers on issues relating to race, equality and cultural tolerance.

The vision is to promote the sharing of cultures between Irish citizens and immigrants, educate people to recognize the strength in cultural diversity and encourage communities to accept differences while celebrating similarities to make the community a more inclusive and friendlier place.

The goal of Culture Connect is to work towards removing barriers that hinder social inclusion by building social alliance between immigrants and Irish citizens.

To achieve their goals and realise their vision, they will take the following approaches:
* Provide a “One-stop shop” (Cultural Diversity Resource Centre)
* Run public education events
* Promote cultural activities
* Support community activities
* Establish a mentoring programme for newcomers
* Work with businesses

They want to partner with all parts of society, including:
* Individuals
* Groups
* Corporate or Businesses

Culture Connect is dedicated to helping new communities integrate into Irish society and also help indigenous Irish community better understand their new neighbours (migrants); the group focuses on promoting interaction, understanding and dialogue on issues that affect our diverse community.

Address: The Barbican Centre, William Street, Drogheda, Ireland.
Phone: 041 9865025
Facebook Page: Here.