newtown blues
5th November, 2014.

The Ladies Committee of the Newtown Blues GAA Club in Drogheda ran a very successful Fashion Show in The Barbican Centre on the 3rd October 2014. This venue situated in the middle of the town was ideal for this fund raiser.
The stage came apart to form a Cat Walk which ran down the centre of the Theatre providing perfect viewing for those sitting each side of it and also for those sitting in the tiered seating. The Ladies and Men’s Dressing Rooms at the rear of the Stage were more than adequate with plenty of privacy for all our Models and there were extra rooms available if needed. Everything from the Entrance Hall, Kitchen, Dressing Rooms etc. were spotless clean and the lift on the ground floor also left life easier for us when we were taking the rails of clothes to the Dressing Rooms.
We found Declan, Tina and the staff from The Barbican more than helpful when organising this event. We could drop in at any time and, as well as always being available they were very courteous and very professional towards us.
We are very lucky in Drogheda to have such a great venue in The Barbican Centre which can be changed around in so many different ways to suit everyone’s needs.

Anne McQuillan
PRO Newtown Blues GFC