Aloha Mental Arithmetic

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ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is an after-school program for children from 5 to 13 years that contributes to their development in a fun way.
ALOHA students develop their cognitive skills through:
  • The abacus, a game of breads
  • Mental arithmetic
  • Didactive games and interactive group activities
The fun-filled sessions are designed to boost their skills (also known as superpowers) of attention, concentration, creativity, imagination, spatial orientation, listening, analytical ability, photographic memory and observation.

What is ALOHA Mental Arithmetic?
ALOHA Ireland’s National Competition 2016:
The Benefits of ALOHA Mental Arithmetic:
ALOHA Mental Arithmetic, an International Abacus Math network, celebrates it’s 25th anniversary this year. The programme operates in more than 35 countries with over 4 million students worldwide. It’s a unique and effective Abacus method of teaching mental arithmetic enables children to perform complex arithmetic operations without the use of calculator at breathtaking speed.