”Everyman” by Dundalk Men’s Shed’s Choir

Men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder. Performed by the Dundalk Men’s Shed’s Choir, this unique song cycle uncovers and re-examines both the ordinary and extra-ordinary journeys men take in their lives. We sing for the common man, we sing for every man. 

Many arts projects involving older people often become nostalgic in tone and focus primarily on memory. Everyman expresses deeper stories about the lives of the group, what motivates them, and what makes them the men they are. Combining the Men’s Shed’s vibrant choir with musicians and song is the perfect combination to portray men’s long tradition of song and singing: think of the terraces at the local football ground, the Welsh miners, even the military – song has a unique way of allowing men to share their emotions, allowing them to congregate, celebrate and commiserate in a way that feels accessible and acceptable to their wider community.

Directed by Paul Hayes with lyrics by Sophie Coyle and music by Zoe Conway, John McIntyre and Patrick Connolly.

Price €16/€14