Peer Education Programme

 UCLA CARE Program - Peer EducationThe Peer Education Programme will empower young people to be more informed about the harmful effects of substance use and will enhance their ability to make informed and healthy choices.   The Programme will be delivered by IE Programmes, on behalf of the North Eastern Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force. The classes will cover several related topics including self-esteem, peer pressure, smoking, alcohol, drug information and education.

This Peer Education Programme is an added resource to teachers and ensures that the Substance Misuse Module of SPHE curriculum is delivered within schools in a consistent manner and meets the National Quality Standards in Substance Use Education, as set by the Dept. of Education & Skills.   The Programme also meets SPHE guidelines which recommend that student-to student methodology can be a more effective element of a substance use module in SPHE, as specially trained peers or older students can have greater impact and credibility.