ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) level 4

English for Speakers of Other Languages, or ESOL, refers to learning English as a new resident in a English-speaking country. ESOL is similar to ESL. It can be compared with EFL, which refers to learning and using English as an additional language in a non-English speaking country. 

Objectives of the Programme Module:
To create an awareness and an understanding of the main features of the culture of Ireland and the English language as used in Ireland.
To enable the learner to give and receive a varied range information and maintain conversations with others in a variety of personal, social and work related situations.
To facilitate the learner to read, interpret and comprehend a variety of materials using a range of media.
To provide the learner with the necessary skills to write a variety of short and appropriate pieces of text, to suit a range of personal, social and work related situations.
To assist the learner to develop the language, literacy and numeracy skills related to English as a Second Language through the medium of the module themes and content.
To enable the learner to take responsibility for his/her own learning.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
• Use new skills in one or more areas of
• Study skills and key skills such as writing assignments, projects or essays
• Computers and other technology
• Practical or vocational skills for further education or training (FET) or work